The 2017 reassessment represents an update of valuations from the current base date of January 1, 2011 to the new base date as of January 1, 2015 and a refinement of the assessor’s techniques using the assessment framework previously established.  Property owners may observe little change, or a significant increase when comparing 2017 taxes to the previous year.  Thus, it is important to have your assessment professionally reviewed for accuracy and fairness each time it is revised.

Official assessment notices are expected the first few days of January 2017.  Property owners will be given only a 60-day window to file an appeal upon receiving the official notice.  Thus, it is important to review and determine the validity of a value as soon as the notice is presented as detailed, non-revisable grounds must be filed before this window expires.  Appeals cannot be filed after a final tax notice is received.

Over the past decade, Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates has been able to correct numerous errors through the appeal process on behalf of clients with a success rate of 73% on filed appeals.  On average, our success on appeals has generated a 29% reduction in property assessments and resulted in over 29% on property tax savings.  Clients of Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates can feel confident that assessments are professionally reviewed ensuring a precise and fair value, whether or not an appeal is warranted. This is important as the 2017 assessment is the basis for your property taxes for 2017 – 2020.

Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates would welcome the opportunity to assist you in reviewing your 2017 real property assessments and, if errors are identified therein, preparing and presenting assessment appeals on your behalf to the Board of Revision and/or the Saskatchewan Municipal Board.  Our experience in the field of real property assessments, and the professionalism with which we conduct reviews and/or appeals for our clients, will serve your company well and provide you with the greatest opportunity for success throughout the process.

Any questions or concerns about your assessment?  Contact Grace Muzyka for more information.